Flights from JFK to CDG Guide – Everything you need to know about flying from New York to Paris

One of the most popular international travel destinations among Americans is Paris. Everyone wants to visit this historic city and discover its greatest monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. To get there, however, you will have to fly from a big city like New York. Search flights from JFK to CDG and compare airfares from various airlines.

On a daily basis, there are over 2500 seats available for flights between JFK International and Charles de Gaulle. Dozens of domestic and international air carriers offer flights. Every week, Air France alone makes 113 flights from JFK to CDG. There is an estimated distance of 3,637 miles between the two cities, so you will have to return for a fairly long flight, with an average time of 7 hours and 25 minutes. Norwegian offers the first flight of the day and XL Airways offers the latest news. While most flights are direct, there are a few that include a connection to London Heathrow Airport.

This path is surprisingly cheap. Paris isn't just one of the most popular international destinations; It is also one of the cheapest to fly. Most flights cost less than $ 1,000. Depending on the time of year, you can even find a few for less than $ 500. The high season in Paris is considered during the summer and the cheapest month to fly is usually February. If you take an evening flight compared to a morning flight, you are more likely to pay less (about 2%).

Cheapest flights from JFK to CDG

Some of the cheapest flights from JFK to CDG are offered by airlines such as WOW Air, Primera Air Scandinavia and LEVEL. The airlines that offer the most frequent flights between the two cities are Delta, Jet Airways and Air France. Some experts recommend leaving on Thursday, as it is usually the cheapest day on average, while Sunday is the most expensive. If possible, return to New York from Paris on Tuesday.

As with any vacation or business trip, ground transportation is a concern. Paris has a variety of options for public transportation, including commuter buses, taxis and "RER" trains. However, if you want to move on your own, you may be able to save money by combining a rental car with the air. There is also an option to add the hotel room to the package and book it all at once.

Which airline should you go with? The most voted carriers for flights from JFK to CDG are SWISS, Icelandair, Lufthansa and American Airlines.

If you are looking for discounts on flights from JFK to CDG, online travel websites are the best solution. They have been around for many, many years and offer the best of cheap travel to any destination on Earth. You may be able to get a great deal on the plane, car hire, and hotel room if you use online coupons.

How can you enjoy your trip to Thailand with children

Although Thailand is not known for its child-centered attractions, there are many activities to attract families with young children both on the beach and away from the coast. Thai people are also very welcoming to young children. So traveling with children to Thailand is not a problem at all.

The two most popular beach resorts in Thailand which are classified as suitable for families are the islands of Koh Samui and Ko Lanta. Both islands have a lot to offer for families with children. Mid-range and high-end budget accommodations are available on the beach. There are also many outdoor restaurants on the beach where you can dine while your kids can play in the sand under your eyes. There are also many day trip activities that you can take from horse riding to elephants to snorkeling.

Phuket Island is also another favorite family destination. However, beach accommodations are considered premium. Alternatively, there are also many other lesser known beach resorts that your older children can enjoy. Activities include kayaking, rock climbing and also the numerous dive centers that would teach SCUBA courses for PADI children. For eight years, they can enroll in the Bubblemaker program. Discover SCUBA diving day is for anyone over 10 years old. Thailand is blessed with many national parks and their waterfalls and caves are good day trips with river rafting and elephant rides.

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok and Pattaya, also has many family-friendly theme parks. If you are in Thailand in January, your kids can enjoy the entertainment and free activities organized across the country on the National Children's Day also known as Wan Dek. This is held on the second Saturday of January and children will have free access to the zoos and free rides on public transport.

Here are some things you should note for parents. Many of the more expensive hotels will allow one or two under the age of 12 to share their parents' room for free if an extra bed is not required. However, it is possible to squeeze two adults and two children into a double room in most budget or mid-range hotels. Many hotels also offer babysitting services.

Most museums or transport companies do not offer any reduction in prices for children. According to the State Railway, a child between 3 and 12 years of age can benefit from the half price only if less than 150 cm in height. For domestic flights, most airlines charge 10% of the full fare for children under the age of two and 50% for children under the age of 12.

You will be able to easily buy disposable diapers from most convenience stores, pharmacies and supermarkets in major locations and cities. For your convenience, consider bringing a changing table for your baby as there are few public toilets in Thailand. You will be able to find many international brands of milk powder in Thailand.

You should also bring along or buy a mosquito net and awning. You should also consider packing along a bottle of a preferred spread for the toast just in case. Be careful with unwashed fruit and salads and other dishes that have been left uncovered for a long time.

Dogs can be a nuisance in Thailand. There are cases of anger. So you should keep your kids away from animals like dogs or monkeys. If necessary, take a fit of anger before traveling.

Bus service from Chennai to Trichy

Chennai is the fifth most populated city in India. Due to the enormous growth of information technology in recent times, there are thousands of people moving to Chennai looking for job opportunities and better jobs. A large number of people come from Trichy, another large city known for its colleges and temples. Trichy is located 316 km (according to the distance calculator websites) away from Chennai and therefore it is possible to find large groups of people who travel every weekend to meet their families. Although traveling by train is very comfortable, people are opting for domestic buses. Bus operators in Chennai are an advantage for last minute travelers to Trichy.

& # 39; State express shipping tamilnadu & # 39; and most domestic bus operators have introduced the online booking system which makes it even easier for travelers. Fares depend on the bus facilities. Women traveling alone receive separate single seats for safe travel. Children under the age of 3 do not pay. The half-ticket fare is collected for children between 3 and 12 years of age, but children over 130 cm in height pay the standard ticket fare. The cost of food is not included in any of the bus operator schemes, but buses stop at good motels.

Different types of buses such as Volvo, Luxury, Sleeper buses, as well as non-A / C & # 39; buses between Chennai and Trichy are scheduled every day. & # 39; Redbus & # 39; and & # 39; Ticketgoose & # 39; are the main online bus booking provider websites that are gaining popularity. Buses usually leave from & # 39; Chennai Moffusil Bus Terminus & # 39; located in Koyambedu and reach Chathiram Bus Stand in Trichy. The duration of the trip varies from 8 to 9 hours.

Health tips for travelers on Korean air flights

Korean Air is the flag carrier of South Korea. It is also considered to be South Korea's largest airline based in Seoul, South Korea. Korean international flights and its cargo flights fly to 130 cities in 45 countries throughout the world. Korean domestic flights serve 20 local destinations. The international hub of Korean flights is at Incheon international airport. Korean Air is an original partner of SkyTeam, the second largest airline alliance in the world.

If you travel long distances by plane on Korean Air flights, it is helpful to know some health tips to make your flight more comfortable. The temperature inside Koran Air's flight cabin is kept between 10pm and midnight, which is a very comfortable temperature. It is always better to wear comfortable clothes that are not too thick but that always have a light sweater or jacket in hand luggage in case it is cold.

The humidity inside the cabin of Korean flights is kept at a level of 15 percent. The comfortable humidity level for the average person is 50 to 60 percent. The 15 percent level on Korean Air flights is already considered dry. With dry humidity, body moisture tends to evaporate. The skin and membranes of the eyes and nose also begin to dry out during the flight and can become quite uncomfortable when this happens. The best thing to do on Korean flights is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, fruit juice or any type of liquid drink. Avoid drinking coffee and tea because these drinks can only cause further dehydration. Passengers with contact lenses must remove them during Korean flights to avoid dry eyes which could cause eye inflammation.

The atmospheric pressure within Korean flights is set at the altitude of 5,000-8,000 feet. There is a tendency that deafening of the ears can occur. This is caused by the change in pressure inside Korean Air flights when they land or take off. To avoid ear deafness, chew on some gum or simply move your jaw up and down as if you were chewing gum. You can also try closing your mouth and then pinching your nose as you slowly exhale the air.

Choosing awnings, canopies and cabana designs for your business

Whether you are considering adding an awning to the patio of a poolside hotel or a series of cabanas in a beach resort, selecting the right company and following certain procedures will ensure the success of your new tent, canopy or cabana design , purchase and / or installation.

Imagine guests relaxing in your hotel or resort on a hot summer day as you sip an ice cold drink and cocktail. Take into account the additional luxury of an awning, a canopy or a hut and customer experiences will be pleasantly improved. Decadent dreams of indoor practicality are just a few steps away once you know how to correctly select a tent, a canopy or a cabin for your structure.

Although holiday fanatics across the country are still discovering the pine needles of the Christmas tree hiding behind the sofa and munching on Valentine's Day candy, it's not too early to start getting ready for the Christmas tree. upcoming spring / summer holiday season. In fact, since the beginning of the season often promises little stability in weather conditions and the strong rays of the sun can cause severe burns on the skin due to the winter cold, now more than ever it is an advantageous time to install a decorative commercial shade and intentional structure.

Allocating funds to a design of tents, curtains or cabanas, the project is a company that will reap what it sows. In addition to providing current customers with an additional sun protection function, cabins, tents and awnings add interesting and captivating features to the structure. These fascinating structures offer an emotional and mental refuge for the tired souls of daily confusion and physical splendor for the tired eyes of the same old neutral colored building. The numbers speak for themselves: even at this time when popular opinion claims that holidays are on the decline, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported a 3.2 percent increase in travel and tourism expenses in the second quarter in 2011, so it is hoped that the trend will remain stable for the second quarter of 2012. In addition, domestic travel is expected to increase, so vacationers can enjoy the feeling of a tropical island without going to the # 39; abroad.

To be able to select a suitable canopy, tent or hut, an experienced supplier registered with the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) is required. Checking the references will ease your mind. Choose a company that also provides maintenance services to promise the longevity of the product. Make sure to eliminate maintenance and warranty issues before construction starts. Both the structure and the shape are fundamental here, as an attractive design, as well as robust and reliable, is essential. Hiring a reliable and experienced company provides the assurance that your vision, combined with professional advice and architecture, will be performed correctly.

Working with the professional will help ensure the success of the facility and customer satisfaction. Provide information about what's important to you and your hotel or resort. Suggest bright and bold colors for cabana designs in a family-oriented beach resort or darker shades for canopies and awnings in an outdoor bar with a vibrant nightlife. Suggest rows of cabins for a luxury summer resort or consider a variety of awnings, canopies and cabana designs for a casual and contemporary atmosphere. Cast that atmosphere of a relaxing summer day or night, especially since "hitting the beach and other hot weather activities" recently won first place in a Road & Travel holiday survey favorite.

After clearly exposing your visions, consult the expert advice on structure, style and configuration. Also, completing the installation of curtains, curtains or cabanas will not be a blind process. Through the use of computer-aided design tools and other information technologies, professionals create virtual images before building physical structures to show you how the finished product will visually and socially develop your hotel or resort. By working as a team and relying on a renowned commercial awning company, your hotel or resort will be enriched with a piece that has the craftsmanship of the specialist and that emulates and improves the environment.

Things to do in and around Koh Samui

Koh Samui is only behind Phuket in terms of popularity and visitor numbers for Thai resorts. And there is a good reason for this, despite years of chronic overdevelopment the island retains much of its natural beauty and picture postcard beaches. Traveling to and from the island is easy with regular international and domestic flights bound for the island, as well as regular ferry connections from Surat Thani.

There is a large selection of accommodation across the island to suit different budgets, although the trend is to develop more and more luxury resorts. The main beach is Chaweng, which is a long stretch of beautiful white sand. The city of Chaweng is highly developed with resorts that span most of the beach and shops, bars and restaurants line the streets behind. Quieter beaches are located along the north of the island. Bophut has a more rustic and familiar atmosphere, although the beaches are not as beautiful.

There is plenty to do to take care of Samui, whether you choose to rent a car, bicycle or use local transportation. (WARNING – If you have chosen to rent any equipment, be it a car, a motorcycle, a jet ski, etc., do your research in advance and use only reliable renters. It is known that there are many scams operating in Thailand where the renter will try to charge you an exorbitant price is equivalent to repairing small scratches that you probably have not put there. Such situations have become ugly. Do a Google search to find out more about this).

So here is a rundown of the main activities:

Visiting temples – One of the highlights of most people's visits to Thailand is visiting some temples and Samui is no exception. The most famous is the Big Buddha on the Big Buddha beach. A short climb to the top of the temple offers beautiful sea views. There are also some rather deceptive fortune telling machines and you can buy a brick to help build new temple buildings. Another well-known temple is Wat Khunaram which contains the mummified body of a local monk. Located along the southern part of the ring road, it is worth a stop.

Hin Ta – Hin Yai – This is a rather eccentric stop, a few miles south of Chaweng beach. The ring road runs along the edge of a rocky cliff and you come to a small detour which is signposted. This takes you to a small village and parking lot, with some tourist souvenir shops. Then follow a short path to some rocks and a little beach. Two rocks stand out like a sore thumb (Hin Ta and Hin Yai, literally Nonno Rock and Nonna Rock) which have the shape of male and female "private parts"!

Animal attractions – In the far southeast corner of the island you will find the zoo and the Tiger aquarium, which are a good way to spend a few hours, especially if you have children. Both are quite interesting and have some shows during the day. These are part of the Samui Orchid Resort. The Na Tian butterfly garden offers good photo opportunities for butterfly and orchid lovers, but not everyone's cup of tea! There is also a crocodile farm near the airport.

There are regular monkey shows in the monkey theater, across the ring road from Bophut beach. Monkeys demonstrate how they are used to collect coconuts and there is also an elephant show. Monkeys are also a regular sight on the constant flow of motorcycles traveling along the streets of Samui (fortunately only as passengers!). Elephant rides are available at various points on the island, usually indoors as it offers ideal terrain for trekking.

Natural Attractions and Tours – The most famous waterfalls on the island are Na Muang 1 and 2. These are easily accessible, if not the most spectacular. Na Muang 1 is the lower of the two and is located next to a small parking lot, there is no need to walk. Na Muang 2 is a little higher and requires a walk. There are many natural scenic spots around the island that offer good photographic opportunities at the sea, especially at sunset. One of the best known is a stop north of Hin Ta – Hin Yai, around Lamai beach. The interior of Samui offers some good trekking routes, if it's your passion.

Beaches are, of course, the main attraction of Samui. As I said before, Chaweng is the main beach, it is the longest and the sand and sea are superior to the rest of the island. It is also the most developed with many shops, pharmacies, groceries and rowdy night clubs. Lamai borders Chaweng and is a little quieter. A popular and most relaxed spot in the north part of the island is Bophut beach. It is a more family-friendly beach with a more rustic village with a few shops and restaurants. Off the island – There is the usual choice of nautical activities including jet skis, banana boats, etc., mainly off Chaweng.

Ferries operate from Bophut pier to nearby Koh Pha Ngan. This is the island famous for full moon parties and you can organize a one night stay on Koh Pha Ngan through Samui agencies. You can also get to Koh Tao, which is renowned as a diver's paradise. The beautiful Ang Thong National Marine Park is accessible from here and is worth a day trip. You can also camp overnight, but there are no accommodations in the park. I have some photos of this spectacular location on my website.

Miscellaneous – There is a Muay Thai stadium in Chaweng city, if that's your thing. There are also some sports activities such as go-karting and shooting ranges. If you are brave enough to rent a car, taking a ride around the island ring road is an interesting way to spend a day.

All in all, Samui has a lot to offer for all tastes and budgets. Although remember that this is now an international destination and prices are generally higher than in the rest of Thailand and it is overdeveloped in parts. Despite this, it retains much of its natural beauty which makes people return from time to time.

North Pole to South Pole, Planning a trip from Chennai to Delhi?


Capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is home to many industrial and commercial establishments. It is famous for its art, music, temples, parks and beaches. Chennai receives many visitors every year, they travel to and from different parts of Chennai. There are many flights from Chennai to Delhi and other major cities of India that fly from Chennai International Airport, which handles both domestic and international flights.

Chennai is located on the coast of the Gulf of Bengal. This city has a rich tradition, historical and academic growth compared to other states. This city also represents the different aspects of Dravidian culture. Chennai is considered the main commercial center of southern India and takes credit for contributing to the increase in the country's economy. Chennai is considered to be the main commercial center of southern India. It takes credit for contributing to the rise in the country's economy. Chennai is home to several sectors such as the automotive, software, petrochemical, financial, textile and hardware industries.


Delhi is the capital of India, this city has a rich history of kings, struggles, the freedom movement and many others. In Delhi we can witness the most beautiful sculpture, art, architecture and landscape beauty. Delhi has a modern cosmopolitan culture and attracts many visitors for various purposes. The new dynamic meets the old imperial is the capital Delhi. This city contains endless surprises and the traveler cannot stop being surprised in every corner of the city and deserves its title of "city of contrasts". The magnificent architecture of the Red Fort, the walks in the gardens of Lal Quila, the hustle and bustle of the Sarojini Nagar market, you never feel restless in this city. Delhi is not limited to this and has more. This city takes giant steps every year. Delhi is the melting pot of a varied culture, so there are many people who want to settle down also for its welcoming and familiar atmosphere. Delhi has a very different atmosphere compared to other cities in India, this city caters for all ages and spheres. Not only people travel for work but also for pleasure. Delhi, located on the northern routes to some exotic vacation locations.

The best way to travel from Chennai to Delhi is by flight as the distance is quite far from traveling to other cities. The duration of direct flights to Delhi is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, while the journey on stopovers takes between 3 and 4 hours.

There are many airlines that offer an infinite number of flight options from Chennai to Delhi. IndiGo, Air India, JetLite, Jet Airways Konnect and SpiceJet are the airlines that provide flight services between Chennai and Delhi.

Get the cheapest flight fare from Chennai to Delhi by comparing from the online portals that provide the best options are online portals as customers get access to an airline's official website or can access the airline's booking site authorized travel agents. They can book return tickets or return tickets. Some airlines offer huge discounts if customers make reservations for a return trip.

Go cashless and book your tickets online with your debit, credit card, net banking, promotional codes or online wallet and secure a secure payment method. Get great discounts on flights from Chennai to Delhi. Even if they are your last minute reservations, these online sites will help you get cheap airfares from Chennai to Delhi.

Mom said: wash your hands

Do you think health articles are boring? This isn't, so keep reading –

could save your life …

Doctors and public health officials agree that the individual

the most important role you can play in your health is to

wash your hands.

Because this old-fashioned idea is back in the limelight again

– and what does it mean for you and for fairs?

WHY is it important now?

Here are five very obvious tips to preserve your health

they hired new ones


1. The journey is more global. Diseases, this could be more

prevalent in a country or world area, now get on the plane

and sit next to you. We know this when we travel abroad

country, we take inoculation precautions, but we don't think

on foreign germs on domestic flights.

2. We overestimate ourselves. At the sign of every nose or

we sneeze, do an over the counter remedy or ask the

doctor for help. It solves our immediate problem but ours

the body builds immunity. At some point, normal

the remedies don't work, leaving us vulnerable for more

serious illness.

3. Medicine doesn't always work. The researchers are

scrambling to invent new medicines to fight the

Immunity, the resulting mutant diseases e

previously undiagnosed diseases. Watch the story of

AIDS as an example of the "new" diseases that are

around us.

TRY this exercise:

Here is an exercise for a normal working week and to repeat

your next fair:

Count the number of times they shake hands and the

how many times do you wash your hands. I bet it's scary

report. At a show you could literally shake hundreds of

hand per day.

WHAT should you do now?

Be aware that germs travel both ways. I do not

I want you to be paranoid or obsessive, but here are some passages

you can take to protect yourself and others:

1. Well, wash your hands often. If soap, water and

clean towels are not available, use a hand sanitizer

does not require water. Travel dimensions can be entered

pocket or bag and used discreetly on an exhibition floor.

2. Use paper towels and dispose of them properly.

3. Avoid those "sticky" places – under the restaurant floor

or the handrail of the escalator.

4. At the show, accept only wrapped or freshly picked food

prepared. This means that you do not put your hand in

bowl of M & Ms, but accepts the candies in a wrapper. To the

buffet table, do not dip the cracker in the vegetables

dip, but you can throw the cheese cube.

5. Use common sense: make sure it's you and your family

updated with inoculations and general health issues.

Some childhood diseases can be fatal for adults.

Enjoy the show … and be sure to wash your hands!

Your first flight – A Ready Reckoner

Taking your first flight can be quite unnerving, even if it's a simple two-hour domestic flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Just from a worrying concern that the plane will certainly precipitate the most urgent concerns that you have completed all the necessary procedures at the airport, the first flight by plane can be quite tiring for the uninitiated. What makes it even more difficult is that you cannot bring a friend or relative with you to drive you to the airport. For security reasons, airports do not allow accompanying visitors to venture beyond the airport gate. Here is a practical checklist to help you get past the countless airport counters without feeling lost.

  • Make sure you're at the right airport. Most cities have separate airports for domestic and international flights. Make sure to clearly tell your taxi driver that you are taking a domestic flight.
  • Find the terminus for your airline. For easier administration, different airlines are assigned to different airport terminals. Most taxi drivers will take you to the correct terminal if you communicate the airline's name in advance.
  • Get a trolley for your bags. These are usually lined up right in front of the airport entrance.
  • Hold the ticket in your hand. You need to show it at the airport entrance to get the entrance. If you have an e-ticket, you will also need to show proof of photographic identity. This can be your voter ID card, PAN card, driving license, passport or even a credit card with your photo.
  • Go to the baggage check section to get an x-ray of your baggage. At this point, you only need to place heavy bags that will be checked in the aircraft load. Once screened, the baggage is sealed by the airport authorities to avoid tampering. Put the sealed bags back on the trolley.
  • Go to the airline desk to get your boarding pass. Wait in line until your turn. Check in your sealed baggage. Luggage can be weighed to ensure it does not exceed 20 kg. The airline official may also ask to see your photo ID. If you arrived early enough, you will be offered a choice between aisle and seats near the window. After declaring your choice, you will be issued a boarding pass. The counter will also have many luggage tags. Choose tags for your carry-on baggage, such as handbag and carry-on baggage, and attach it to your baggage after entering your name and contact details. Leave the trolley near the counter, but be careful that it is not in any way.
  • Go to the security control area. Place hand luggage, including cell phones and jackets, on the conveyor belt of the X-ray machine.
  • Now go to the fun zone. This area is right next to the hand baggage checking machine and is protected by curtains. There are separate areas for men and women. After being set up, the guard will stamp your boarding pass.
  • Collect your carry-on baggage from the rear end of the X-ray machine. Make sure that the person driving the machine has stamped your baggage tag.
  • Wait in the sitting area until you hear the announcement for boarding. The announcement will specify the boarding gate number for your flight.
  • Join the line at the boarding gate. An airline official will check your ticket before passing you through the gate.
  • Climb aboard the airline bus that connects passengers from the boarding gate to the aircraft.
  • Once you reach the plane, show your ticket to the administrator before boarding your flight.
  • Go to the place specified on the boarding pass. Place hand luggage in the air cabin. Now sit down and enjoy the flight!

Cheap airline tickets – Jetlite

In recent years, with the entry of many low cost airlines flying into the Indian skies, movement from one part of the country to the other has become extremely easy and affordable for everyone. More and more business and leisure travelers are exploring the delights and air transportation services at the lowest possible price. Among the expanded list of domestic carriers, the Jetlite airline is considered to be the value for the capital airline.

Formerly known as the Sahara Airlines Sahara group, the Jetlite airways acquired Jet Airways SA de CV in 2007 and have been given a new name as the Jetlite company. Counting for efficient service, reliability and system performance, Jetlite offers cheap tickets for domestic flights to all major cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Lucknow, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai along with places of the province such as Ahmedabad, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Bhubaneshwar, Ranchi and many others. Airlines have an elegant highly developed Jetlite aviation machine Boeing 737-700 of the new generation, 800 and 737-737-400 classic and a convoy of 7 local planes. Jetlite airways have the satisfaction of being India-based Airways isolation value for providing recurring flying miles as a partner airline to Jet Privilege. Serving far and wide for India, airlines connect many divisions to Jelite such as the largest journey from Mumbai to Bangalore, from New Delhi to Bangalore and from New Delhi to Mumbai. With the theme: entertainment is free. You are welcome, Jet Lite is believed to have offered cheaper air tickets to Jetlite in numerous national and international locations. The obedient, respectful and friendly staff of Jetlite airlines to ensure they take advantage of the impeccable and eager jelite airlines for free travel.

Air Jet Lite should provide all Jetlite discount airline tickets and complete information on Jetlite flights. In Jetlite Airlines, I can help not only hunt low-cost jetilte fares, but I can also guarantee the accessibility of Jetlite internal connections to a variety of destinations in India. Made with an easy-to-use booking engine, which makes it very convenient for you to book your e-ticket on your favorite Jetlite flights and make payments online only by credit card.