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Sandbars, tides a risky mix for Lowcountry holiday beachgoers
SULLIVAN'S ISLAND — Watch the tides while wading out to sandbars this holiday weekend, a public safety official warns. Three children and two teens had to be rescued from a sandbar at Breach Inlet on Tuesday after the tide swept in and stranded them,.
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Push for 2015 Massachusetts sales tax holiday will ramp up in July
BOSTON — Massachusetts retailers plan to renew their annual push for a sales tax holiday after the July 4 weekend. The Retailers Association of Massachusetts plans to release an economic study and the results of a public poll next week related to the …

Dogs and cats hate holiday fireworks. Here are 3 tips to protect your pet on
Fireworks displays are fun for most humans, but pretty terrifying for pets. Some dogs and cats are so traumatized by fireworks that they'll panic, experience elevated heart rate, and maybe even run away from home. Animal shelters across America report …
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