The backpacker experience

If you haven't tried the backpack yet, it's time to give this travel approach a shot. You could prioritize your convenience every time you go abroad or visit a domestic tourist hotspot, but for avid travelers, traveling comfortably isn't pleasant at all. How can you see the sights and wonders of a place if you limit yourself to your hotel room, swimming pool or an elegant restaurant nearby? How can you feel the local culture if you don't venture into less modernized areas to get a taste of the past or interact with the natives to understand their way of life?

In short, the backpacker is the art of traveling on a budget. Basically it is travel without the comfort and luxury that most travelers prefer. There are many advantages to being a backpacker including a significantly lower travel investment and the chance to live a more personal experience of the historical places, culture and people of the country. In fact, you realize you are earning more by spending less.

How many of us here have secretly hoped to travel far and wide, but unfortunately do not have enough financial support to pursue such a lifestyle? Traveling can be expensive on the surface. Money will always be a consideration. However, if you are an avid backpacker, you know for sure that there is much more than traveling besides emptying all your savings to finance your desire to travel.

Here are the three main advantages of being a backpacker:

1. The joy of learning

If there is something the backpacker can guarantee, it is that you will learn something from start to finish. Parts of the world of trekking that you have never seen before, you can see, feel and immerse yourself in things you could not find or experience in the corners of your home. In addition to knowing the places where you have traveled, you also learn more about yourself: what types of food you like, if you are good at reading maps or how much you can overcome language barriers (especially in places that barely speak English ). Regardless of what you discover along the way, this approach to travel can be worth any trip.

2. The development of inner strength

The thing about backpacking is that you not only learn more about yourself, but also understand every discomfort, every little explosion of triumph and every person you meet, which can also lead you to a better understanding of who you are and life in general . Since you have to rely on yourself at every step (even if you travel with a group of backpackers), you develop a sharper survival instinct. No backpacker can ever fall apart during a trip. You must be a hard cookie if you want a real adventure.

3. Authentic cultural experience

What better way to experience the culture of a country than backpacking. Many people publish photos of dining in a luxury restaurant or swimming in a swimming pool of a hotel abroad. While they may seem elegant and sophisticated, there is not a hint of culture and history in those common urban activities. Restaurants can serve delicious local dishes, but we know for sure that much of the taste has been "changed" for commercial purposes. If you want to have a first-hand experience of native culture, don't be afraid to buy food from stalls or ordinary stores (take note of hygiene, however).

Instead of going directly to the souvenir shops where prices have doubled, you could instead visit workshops or museums. Don't limit yourself to hotels and restaurants. Historic sites and natural spots should be high on your backpacking list.

4. Free exercise

One of the advantages of being a backpacker is that you don't stop. There is almost no dull moment because you are always on the move. Yes, it can be tiring if you are not used to it. Once you understand things, however, you will realize that the backpacker actually helps increase your physical endurance and endurance – a fun trip with all the benefits of exercise.