Mom said: wash your hands

Do you think health articles are boring? This isn't, so keep reading –

could save your life …

Doctors and public health officials agree that the individual

the most important role you can play in your health is to

wash your hands.

Because this old-fashioned idea is back in the limelight again

– and what does it mean for you and for fairs?

WHY is it important now?

Here are five very obvious tips to preserve your health

they hired new ones


1. The journey is more global. Diseases, this could be more

prevalent in a country or world area, now get on the plane

and sit next to you. We know this when we travel abroad

country, we take inoculation precautions, but we don't think

on foreign germs on domestic flights.

2. We overestimate ourselves. At the sign of every nose or

we sneeze, do an over the counter remedy or ask the

doctor for help. It solves our immediate problem but ours

the body builds immunity. At some point, normal

the remedies don't work, leaving us vulnerable for more

serious illness.

3. Medicine doesn't always work. The researchers are

scrambling to invent new medicines to fight the

Immunity, the resulting mutant diseases e

previously undiagnosed diseases. Watch the story of

AIDS as an example of the "new" diseases that are

around us.

TRY this exercise:

Here is an exercise for a normal working week and to repeat

your next fair:

Count the number of times they shake hands and the

how many times do you wash your hands. I bet it's scary

report. At a show you could literally shake hundreds of

hand per day.

WHAT should you do now?

Be aware that germs travel both ways. I do not

I want you to be paranoid or obsessive, but here are some passages

you can take to protect yourself and others:

1. Well, wash your hands often. If soap, water and

clean towels are not available, use a hand sanitizer

does not require water. Travel dimensions can be entered

pocket or bag and used discreetly on an exhibition floor.

2. Use paper towels and dispose of them properly.

3. Avoid those "sticky" places – under the restaurant floor

or the handrail of the escalator.

4. At the show, accept only wrapped or freshly picked food

prepared. This means that you do not put your hand in

bowl of M & Ms, but accepts the candies in a wrapper. To the

buffet table, do not dip the cracker in the vegetables

dip, but you can throw the cheese cube.

5. Use common sense: make sure it's you and your family

updated with inoculations and general health issues.

Some childhood diseases can be fatal for adults.

Enjoy the show … and be sure to wash your hands!