Domestic travel

Domestic travel consists of a trip to the United States (or the country where you live). The great thing is that there are so many places you can go or things to do right in your own backyard. Things you may not consider traveling or vacationing just because you live there can make you miss out on some exciting ideas. Think about what's around you or within a few hours. Most people live near vacation destinations. Consider going to local B's and B's just to rest and do something different. Some ideas may be …

Go to a local or state park. People seem to forget that there are many activities in the parks, depending on where it is located. Hiking, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, camping, picnic, skiing, tubing and more.

Theme parks (Disney and 6 flags)

Monuments (Mt. Rushmore)

Museums (Smithsonian)

Beaches (Miami)

Famous Roads (Blueridge Parkway), Restaurants (Hard Rock), and Zoos (San Diego)

Mammoth Caves

The possibilities are endless and limited only by the imagination of each person. If you can't think of where to go, there are plenty of places to look for ideas. There are books, a library and the Internet. A great resource is the ever-popular 1000 Places Book That You Must See Before You Die, and there are many listed places right here in the US

Look around and see, really see what's around you and get back to nature. Surrounding nature has been proven to reduce stress and put you at ease. Even if it's just to go outside and look at the sky and feel the sun on your face or see the birds flying past them, take a deep breath and focus.

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